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LUX Lighting & Grip

Lighting Equipment

Providing full service gaffers with lighting and grip equipment on-set in Reno, Nevada; Lake Tahoe; Truckee and Sacramento, CA

LUX Lighting & Grip Equipment Includes

Grip // Camera Support  // Power & Distro // 2-Ton Grip Truck

As owner operators, we must be hired as your Gaffer or Key Grip to bring the equipment to your shoot.

Certificate of Insurance coverage required.

Lighting (Add-Ons)

Reno Grip and Lighting Rental Aputure LS 1200D Pro w/Jem Ball lantern
G&E Rental Reno Nevada Creamsource VORTEX8 dual mount RGB Film Light
Reno Film Lighting Rental Mole Richardson 9-Light Molefay
  • (2) VORTEX8 2X1 650W RGBW Panel (CRMX)

  • VORTEX4 1X1 325W RGBW Panel (CRMX)

  • (2) Gemini 2x1 Soft - Color Tuneable - 1 w/ Center Yoke)

  • LiteMat Plus 3 Hybrid Light Kit (CRMX)



  • (2) Aputure 1200D Pro - Daylight (CRMX)

  • Hive Hornet 200-C Fresnel - RGB (CRMX)

  • Hive Wasp 100-C Fresnel - RGB

  • (2) Fiilex P360EX Fresnel - Bi-Color


  • Astera Titan 4ft Pixel Tube (CRMX)

  • (4) Astera Helios 2ft Pixel Tube (CRMX)

  • (2) Astera PIXELBRICK 15W RGB LED (CRMX)

  • (3) Astera NYX Bulb RGB (CRMX)

  • (4) Quasar Science 4ft RR100 100W Double Rainbow RGB Tube (CRMX)

  • (2) Quasar Science 6ft Crossfade Tube w/6ft Kino Flo Bank

  • Quasar Science 7" Q-LION Tube

HMI (Daylight):
  • JOKER2 800 w/ Zoom Beamer or Jo-Leko (CRMX)

  • ARRI 1000W Fresnel

  • ARRI 650W Fresnel

  • Mole Molefay 9-Light 5.8kW with x3 20Amp Edison Conversion

  • (2) Mole 200W Mini-Mole Fresnel w/ Snoot

  • (2) ETC Source Four Leko 750 Ellipsoidal (50 + 19 degree lens tubes)

  • 30" Jem Ball 1000W, with Joker 800 harp, complete kit.

  • Snapgrid 40-degree for Skypanel S30, Gemini 2x1 and Helios tube, RR100.

  • Rabbit Ears Mini for Skypanel S30

  • Rabbit Ears Rectangle for Gemini and Vortex8

  • Snapbox Octobox 5' , Magic Cloth, 40-degree grid - S30, Gemini & Vortex8

  • Snapbox Octobox 3' , 1/4-Stop, Magic Cloth, 40-degree grid - S30, Gemini & Vortex8

  • Chimera Softbox 3x4' 1/2-Grid Cloth, 1-Stop - Speedring Profoto & JOKER 800

  • Hive 100-C V-mount Battery Plate

  • Hive Source Four Leko Ellipsoidal Adapter

  • Aputure Bowens Mount Source Four Leko Ellipsoidal Adapter

  • Jem Ball adapter for Joker 800, or Aputure 1200D

  • Skypanel V-mount Battery Plate

  • Gemini 2x1 V-mount Battery Plate

  • Skypanel Intensifier Panel S30

  • LiteGear LiteMat 3 SnapGrid 40 Degree

  • Androokie Magnet Kits (Medium & Small) for Tube Lights and Misc. Rigging

DMX/CRMX Wireless Control / Dimming:

  • AKS Plus wireless DMX w/ Blackout App on iPad Pro (CRMX)

  • Astera ART7 AsteraBox App Wireless Controller (CRMX)

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