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LUX Lighting & Grip

Grip & Misc Equipment

Providing full service gaffers with lighting and grip equipment on-set in Reno, Nevada; Lake Tahoe; Truckee and Sacramento, CA

As owner operators, we must be hired as your crew to bring the equipment to your shoot.




40" C-Stand w/adjustable legs, grip head and arm

20" C-Stand w/adjustable legs, grip head and arm

Medium Overhead Roller 14' w/ Junior Grip Head

Crank Panel Stand Rolling 11'

Sky High Combo 15' w/ Junior Grip Head

Low Boy Combo Two-Riser Rolling 6' Stand

Low Boy Combo Two-Riser 6' Stand

Digital Combo 11' Two-Riser Stand

Baby 12-13' Three-Riser Stand

Digital Rolling Baby 6' Monitor Stand

  • Rock-n'-Roller 8" Wheel Set for Monitor Stand

Mini Baby 3' Stand

Slider Stand 3.8' w/ Junior Receiver

Turtle Base w/ Junior Receiver

Maxi Matthpole 8' - 14'

Steady Rest


Sandbags 35lbs

Sandbags 25lbs

Sandbags 10lbs

Sandbags 5lbs

Shotbags 25lbs

Spring Clamps

Rigging Rope ~100'

Wood Cribbing

Safety Cables 12" - 36"

Full Apple Box

Quarter Apple Box

1/8 Pancake Apple Box

Step Ladder 2'

Double Sided 4' Step Ladder

Double Sided 6' Step Ladder

Pop-Up 28" Traffic Safety Cones

Reflective Safety Vest

First Aid Kit (10-person)

Fire Extinguisher

Basic Tool Kit

Furniture Sound Blanket - Black/Digital Camo


Junior Boom Arm

Baby Boom Arm

Junior Grip Head 4-1/4" Lollypop

Baby Grip Head

Matthellini Center-Jaw Clamp

Junior Grid / Pipe Clamp

Grip-head Grid Clamp 2-1/2"

Gaffer Clamp

Super Clamp

Baby Triple Header

Putty Knife w/ Baby Pin

Duckbill Board Clamp

Drop Ceiling Scissor Baby Clamp

C-Clamp 8" w/ 2x Baby Pin

C-Clamp 10" w/ 2x Baby Pin

C-Clamp 12" w/ 2x Baby Pin

Baby Nail Plate

Pipe Ears (For 1-1/4" Pipe)

Junior to Baby Pin Adapter

Menace Arm Kit 1-1/4"

Speed-C Clamp 1-1/4"


12x Square Tube Frame w/ Ears

  • Solid

  • Ultrabounce White/Black

  • 1/4 Silent Grid Cloth

  • Magic Cloth


8x Square Tube Frame Kit with rags:

  • Solid

  • Ultrabounce White/Black

  • 1/4 Silent Grid Cloth

  • 1/2 Silent Grid Cloth

  • Silk Diffusion


6x Butterfly Frame kit with rags:

  • 1/4 Silent Grid cloth

  • Magic Cloth

  • Ultrabounce White/Black

  • Unbleached Muslin

  • Black Solid

6x7' Blue/Green Screen (pop up)


10x20 Speedrail Frame Kit with rags:

  • Solid

  • Lite (Half) Silent Grid Cloth

Scrim Jim Cine

Scrim Jim Cine DP Kit 4x4' Frame w/Diffusion, Bounce, Floppy

Scrim Jim Cine 4x4' Frame

Scrim Jim Cine 4x6' Frame w/Diffusion, Bounce, Solid

Scrim Jim Cine 8x8' Frame w/1-1/4 Stop Silk


Flags and Nets

4x4' Floppy Cutter

4x4' Poly Silk

40"x40" Floppy Cutter

40"x40" Ultrabounce Floppy

40"x40" Gel Frame

40"x40" Frame with rags:

  • 1/4 Silent Grid cloth

  • Ultrabounce White/Black

  • Unbleached Muslin

  • Magic Cloth Diffusion

  • Half Soft Frost Diffusion

24x36" Solid

24x36" Open End Single Scrim - Black

18x48" Solid Cutter

18x24" Solid

18x24" Open End Double Scrim - Black

18x24" Open End Single Scrim - Black

18x24" Open End Silk Scrim

18x24" Gel Frame


Roll of 1" Gaff Tape - Black

Roll of 2" Gaff Tape - Black

Roll of 1" Gaff Tape - White

Roll of 2" Gaff Tape - White

Rosco 20x24" Soft Frost Sheet

Rosco 20x24" CTB Full Sheet

Rosco 20x24" CTB 1/2 Sheet

Rosco 20x24" CTS Sheet

Rosco 48"x25' CTS Roll

Rosco 20x24" Opal Sheet

Black Duvetyne fabric 54" x 15'

Practical Bulbs 25w and 60w


Rock-n-Roller Equipment Cart

(2) Basket Truck (Hamper) Cart 12 and 6 bushel

Power & Distro

Power & Distro

DISTRO (High Amp):

600Amp Distro Box & Pass Through CamLock to 100Amp Bates

100Amp Lunch Box w/ x5 20Amp Edison Duplex

60Amp Gang Box w/ x3 20Amp Edison Duplex

Bates 100Amp Banded Extension 50' Cable

Bates 100Amp Banded Extension 25' Cable

Bates 100Amp CamLock SnakeBite 25' Cable

Bates 60Amp Banded Extension 50' Cable

Bates 60Amp Banded Extension 10' Cable

Bates 100Amp to (1) 100Amp & (1) 60Amp Splitter

Bates 60Amp to (2) 60Amp Splitter

DISTRO (<20Amp):

Stinger AC 25' Extension Cable 12/3

Stinger AC 50' Extension Cable 12/3

Stinger AC 100' Extension Cable 12/3

Quad Gang Box 15Amp

Cube Tap (Edison 3Fer) 15Amp

Pig-Nose Adapter

Non-Grounded 2-Prong to 3-Prong Plug Adapter

Dimmer Squeezer 1000W

Socket Dimmer

POWER (<20Amp):

Honda 2200W Generator (coming soon)


Ultratec Ultra Handy Fogger

Camera Support

Camera Support / AKS

Camera Support:

Cartoni Focus HD 100mm Fluid Head

Cartoni 100mm Bowl Tripod

Miller Solo ENG 100mm Bowl Tripod

RRS 34L 75mm Bowl Tripod

Miller CX6 26lb Fluid Head

EZ FX Junior Jib (mini crane)

Euro Style Pedestal Wheeled Base with Bazooka Riser(s)

Euro to 100mm bowl riser/adapter

Euro to 100mm bowl offsets (short & long)

Dutti Dolly Rental Kit


SmallHD 1303 13" Bright Production Monitor

SmallHD 702 7" Bright Portable Monitor

Teradek Bolt Pro 300 TX/RX Wireless Video SDI Kit Complete

Decimator DMON QUAD 4x SDI

(4) SDI Cable 50ft

SDI Cable 15ft

RedRock MicroRemote Wireless Follow Focus Single Motor Complete

Chrosziel DV Studio 15mm Drive Gear Follow Focus

Zacuto Universal Pro Shoulder Rig w/ Tornado Follow Focus

Zacuto Gratical Eye SDI OLED EVF

V-Mount 90-270Wh Battery w/ 2-position Charger

Support Vehicles
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