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LUX G&E Crew

Damian Gordon - DP / Gaffer / Key Grip

Damian is a master at shaping and controlling light while matching the theme and mood of the project. With a background in 3D character animation he is very skilled in the planning and design of live-action lighting plots, set lighting and practical lamp placement.

Damian resides in Sparks, Nevada.


Myles Smythe - DP / Gaffer 

Myles loves building complex lighting designs and providing the electrical power and rigging needed to execute on set. His electrical and mountain-rescue rigging background elevate what he can accomplish on set as both a gaffer and grip.

Myles resides in Reno, Nevada.


Recommended Crew

Recommended Crew Reno/Sparks/Lake Tahoe

We can help you crew up for all positions with local crew recommendations.

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