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Welcome to LUX Lighting & Grip

Providing full service gaffers with grip van and lighting equipment on-set in Reno-Sparks, Nevada and Lake Tahoe.


G&E owner operators! Gaffer crew for hire Reno, NV.

For Complete Film and Video Production Services in the Reno-Sparks Lake Tahoe region Visit:

Video Production Services, Reno Nevada
Gaffer WWE Wrestlemania 38 Grip and Lighting Nevada
Music Video Gaffer Grip
Reno-Tahoe Grip Gaffer commercial set
Reno Tahoe Sparks Grip Gaffer
Reno Sparks Tahoe Gaffer
Reno Tahoe Grip Gaffer
Reno Tahoe Gaffer Grip
Grip Rig - Feature Desert Shadows
 High-End Reliable Equipment
Talented & Professional Crew Members
 Flexible Lighting & Grip Truck Packages
Grip Truck Rental with Crew, Reno Nevada
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